I am sitting here on the bank of the Phoung Nha River, Vietnam, travelling with my partner. I sit at my laptop and a coffee in a pretty cafe. Enjoying the freedom of remote work, free from ‘normal office hassle.

I can still read emails, attend to phone calls, online video chat with clients and finalise projects that I am working on. That’s the great thing about working remotely and it’s easy to see why it is the future, and growing in popularity.
Here I will look at this recent boom in freelance lawyers/scolicitors in the UK and also how the SRA’s new reform “Looking to the Future” will modernise the industry. I look at the following benefits of remote working that is surging the popularity.
1. Working Remotely Can Boost Productivity
Nobody really enjoys been sat in the same office, working 9-5 hours completing work that could be done anywhere, and probably to a higher standard for that matter. Modern firms encourage people to work remotely. Research shows the benefits of remote work is proven by the increased productivity of workers. The freedom and flexibility that comes from remote work are clear to see. Many modern professionals are breaking away from the 9-5 in office work routine.

Studies show that working remotely boost of productivity.

2. Remote Workers, Lower Overheads

The fact employees don’t have to physically attend your office to work saves on operational expenses. You can cut down on the costs of establishing and maintaining a comfortable working office environment for your employees, it is extremely possible in these modern times, for them to work comfortably and effectively at home or any another location for that matter, then there is no need to spend thousands of pounds on renting expensive office space.

This method of saving on operational costs has become very popular over the past few years and is being adopted by many industry leaders.

Remote working allows law companies to expand their talent pool, engaging with workers outside their immediate town or City.

3. Loyalty Increase

It’s a well known fact that  happy workers will stay in their job longer than unhappy ones. This can help save the company time and money often spent recruiting, vetting and assisting new employees. According to workplace research, companies save desk space and are more likely to retain remote workers.  Freelance platforms such as freelancer.lawyer is attracting the best UK talent in the freelance legal sector.

Remote Work is the Future

Fuelled by the surge in technology and the high demand for a work force with a variety of skills. Remote work continues to take centre stage in employment circles. 

Gone are the days when a company’s workforce was limited geographical. A new generation of employees, that can be hired and work from anywhere. The biggest contribution here is technology and the immense power that it holds.

According to research, more than half of work around the world will be completed remotely in the very near future.  Clearly illustrating that remote work culture is already catching on and will soon dominate the work place.

In addition to firms outsourcing projects to freelance lawyers one more revenue stream will soon open. The SRA have been quick to act and open the door to freelance legal professionals in England and Wales. The updated guidelines ‘Looking to the Future’,  allows qualified lawyers/solicitors more freedom and scope to act alone and work directly with businesses and the general public. It will be much the same as how a barrister works, with more freedom. Freelance lawyers will soon offer services to anyone, operating as a sole practitioner. Our platform is designed to guide and enable freelancers to take advantage of these new found freedoms.