The Career path of the modern lawyer is changing from old more traditional paths. Robots, AI and other modern technology is certainly taking over some industries. But knowledge and expertise is the most valuable asset we have as people and that’s within the human brain. This can never be replaced.

The normal 9 -5  routine is no longer,  businesses need access to experts fast to remain competitive. They need other options in order to get work done.

Why people freelance.

Some may think lawyers are freelancing just temporary until they move on to the next job.

But this couldn’t be further from the truth. Lawyers see freelance as the future. Why?

I have spoken to thousands of freelance lawyers, their reasons are many. Here are the main reasons why:

  • They  can offer better value to their clients by offering them great legal advice at a better price. Mainly because there overheads are lower than traditional firms.
  • They have family and want a better work-life balance, but still gain both professionally and financially working quality legal projects in there name.
  • They have the desire to travel and in the modern era of internet and the smartphone freelance gives them this option.
  • They have other hobbies and interests or business ideas they are pursuing whilst been a freelance lawyer.

Online talent platforms, such as are will connect legal professionals with businesses, people and law firms, when they have a need but don’t want to hire full-time contract staff.

Platforms like ours aid access to these legal professionals by giving businesses and law firms the flexibility needed when the need arises, freelance lawyers can work remotely reducing office space and saving on outgoings. 

Once the SRA’s reform come in to action on November 5th 2019, freelance lawyers will also be able to offer their services directly to the public. Platforms like ours assists and simplifies the client-legal professional relationship.