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Ampicllin instructions In the instructions for use of the medication, the section of special instructions should be studied. The tablets and capsules of the drug are used for oral use. 5-25 mg kg. For children, the daily dosage is 50-100 mg kg body weight, with a weight of less than 20 kg ampicillin 500mg. What you need to know about Ampicillin therapy Antibiotic treatment is continued until the symptoms of infection disappear, plus another 2-3 days in a maintenance dose; Exceeding the recommended doses for the treatment of the child can lead to toxic damage to the nervous system; In case of poisoning with ampicillin, gastric lavage is performed, laxatives and sorbents are prescribed; Drinking alcohol during antibiotic treatment is strictly prohibited; Long-term use of the drug by debilitated patients increases the risk of superinfection; Long-term ampicillin therapy requires periodic monitoring of clinical blood counts, renal, hepatic, and hematopoietic functions; Antibiotics should be taken simultaneously with probiotics and vitamins this will help to avoid dysbiosis and dyspepsia; During pregnancy, the drug is prescribed in cases where the health benefits of the mother exceed the probable risks to the fetus; The substance is able to be excreted through breast milk, therefore, for the period of treatment with an antibiotic, breastfeeding is stopped; The drug reduces the effect of oral contraceptives based on estrogen, enhances the effect of taking anticoagulants buy ampicillin digoxin; The effect of the antibiotic decreases while taking it with antacids and laxatives, and increases when combined with vitamin C, aminoglycosides, cephalosporins, vancomycin and rifampicin; Incompatible with sulfanilamides, tetracyclines, lincosamides, macrolides; Concomitant treatment with allopurinol causes a risk of skin rash. This allows the use of the drug in the treatment of diseases caused by pathogenic pathogens. The daily dose of injections for newborns is 100 mg kg, Ampicillin tablets are taken orally, regardless of the meal. For its preparation, the norm is reduced to 12. How to use Ampicillin The method of application and dosage of the drug are determined by the doctor individually, then stopping breastfeeding should be considered.
The active substance of the drug ampicilin ampicillin trihydrate. Dosing the 500mg is very convenient with a measuring spoon, 500mg is sold in a ampicillin with ampicillin. ampicillin 500mg The pharmaceutical preparation prevents the division and spread of gram-positive and gram-negative microorganisms: Pfeiffer sticks, staphylococci, streptococci, shigella, salmonella, proteins, Escherichia coli, pertussis ampicillin buy, clostridia, gonococci and others. Ampicjllin drugs are not prescribed for children under 1 month of age. In severe cases, the child may be prescribed apmicillin by injection, and with sore throats, gargling with ampicillin powder diluted with water helps well. The entire daily dose is divided into several doses from three to six.

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